Sky & Vlad in "Cosmopolitan" (Jan '99)

"Vamping with Vampires: The Sexy, Scary New Cult"

By Jennifer Wolff

The morning after the vampire ball, I am ... inside Vlad & Sky's East Village apartment...

'I can smell your blood,' Sky tells me in a soft whisper. 'It smells good.'

Sky, whose beautiful Eurasian features are illuminated by the glitter on her cheecks, says that she started thirsting for blood as a teenager, but didn't know how to go about finding a donor. 'I didn't want anyone to think I was nuts,' she says.

Then she met Vlad... five years ago on Halloween night. 'I told him I needed someone to drink from, that I'd been wanting to drink for a really long time.' When Sky's blood was confirmed clear of the AIDS virus and other diseases, the two begain drinking from each other. (Vlad had already been tested).

'We did a total exchange,' she says. 'He cut me on my forearm. He drank from me, and then I dove into him and drank from his chest. It was so invigorating, like absinthe, like coming home.'

You can read the rest of the interview with Vlad & Sky in the current January '99 issue of "Cosmopolitan", page 150. In the article by Jennifer Wolff (who looks pretty hot in goth lingerie and fangs!), you'll meet a lot of the regulars of the Fang Club Gotham , NYC's weekly Thursday night vampyre party, hosted by Mother , where the guests are really treated like family!

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The Poetry of Princess Black


I see a vision so pale, so cold, so tempestuous in my understanding;

I sense the utterance Nosferatu....Nosferatu...

I am a part of the first vampyre drink... drink my life.

Sky Claudette Soto

Copyright Sky Soto

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